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Skedaddle Out Of Town With On-Demand Charter Busses

Skedaddle | On-Demand Charter Busses

Skedaddle Out Of Town

Since going car-free after moving to the DC area last year, we primarily use Uber, Lyft and Metro to get around town. When we want to get out of town, our Zipcar membership is handy for getting a car when we need it. But what if we don’t want to drive?

Enter Skedaddle: On-Demand Charter Busses

Skedaddle is the first crowdsourced transportation network that aims to take the hassle out of getting out of the city: No more schedules, bus/train stations, or rental cars. Through its website and iOS app, you can choose a pickup point, destination and time. When at least 9 people reserve a seat on the route, it goes live and the trip is booked. Popular trips from DC include destinations such as Rehoboth Beach and NYC. If you create a route, your seat is free (yes, FREE), and the next 9 people to reserve get a 20 percent discount on their ticket. The trip is charged to your card on file 48 hours before your departure.

It’s a huge savings over filling up the gas tank for a road trip, or buying a Amtrak or Greyhound ticket. So how do they do it? They partner with a huge network of often-underutilized charter busses. The charter companies love it, as they can give extra rides and make additional revenue. It’s a win for bus operators and riders alike.

I created a route from Silver Spring to Baltimore Soundstage for the last date of Periphery’s upcoming Sonic Unrest tour. At $55 round trip, it turns out that it’s cheaper than using Uber or Lyft to get to and from Soundstage, and since it’s booked and paid for in advance, I don’t have to worry whether or not a driver is going to show up.

I Wanna Skedaddle!

Sign Up with Promo Code 87102e and get $10 off your first trip!

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