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An Ode to La Fromagerie

Charcuterie Board at La Fromagerie

I found La Fromagerie by accident…a Happy Accident.

I was on the hunt for my favorite cheese: Hook’s 15 Year Cheddar. It’s made in scarce quantities and is notoriously hard to find. If you’re a Cheddar fan, this cheese is the Holy Grail: intense, complex, sublime. The first time I tried it was nearly a religious experience.

I did what any Internet-savvy Gourmand would do: I looked on Hook’s website. I found the usual suspects: Zingerman’s, Murray’s Cheese…but I wanted it locally. I live in the Washington DC Metro; there has GOT to be a cheese shop that has it.

And that’s the moment that I discovered La Fromagerie.

La Fromagerie is a small, unassuming storefront at King & Payne Streets in Alexandria, Virginia’s Old Town neighborhood. There is a 30-seat dining area and a small selection of wines from around the world, with a bias toward French regions (unsurprising, considering the name). Chef Sebastien Tavel, a Lyon, France native and former Sous Chef at Poste, presents a small yet carefully crafted menu. Packed with French classics such as Burgundy Escargots, to the Espresso-Rubbed Brisket Sandwich that nearly has its own cult following, each dish is crafted with obvious care and passion for food.

Duck Trio at La Fromagerie
Duck Trio: Duck & Cherry Paté, Duck Prosciutto & Foie Gras Custard. $16.

Attention, Trainspotters: The Espresso used in the Brisket Sandwich is from Misha’s Coffeehouse & Roaster, right up the street in Old Town. Sebastien tries to source his ingredients as locally as possible, and it shows: each dish tastes extremely fresh and full of flavor.

La Fromagerie also hosts Private Wine & Dining Events. We recently attended a Wine Dinner with Resident Wine Expert, Laurie. We had a wonderful evening, filled with delicious wine and nibbles prepared by Sebastien and crew.

The Specialty Food Association describes La Fromagerie as DC’s Friendly French Countryside Fromagerie. I’ll drink to that!

La Fromagerie
1222 King Street (at Payne)
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 879-2467 | Website | Facebook | @LaFromagerieVA


PS: The House-Cured Lomo is to die for.

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