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Ledo Pizza + DoorDash = A Delivery Match Made In Heaven

Ledo Pizza + DoorDash = A Delivery Match Made In Heaven

I Love Ledo Pizza, But They Don’t Deliver.

One guilty pleasure that I’ve come to love since moving to the DC Metro is Ledo Pizza. Founded in 1955 in Adelphi, Maryland, Ledo has won the hearts and minds of pizza lovers in the DMV with the slogan, ‘Never Cut Corners’. Sure, it’s a chain, but I associate ‘chain pizza’ with the likes of Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Dominos — Ledo tastes far and away much better than those. It reminds me of my beloved Donte’s Pizza in Cleveland.

A big point of contention with Ledo is that they don’t deliver. Having recently gone car-free (we donated our car to Melwood and got a Zipcar membership), we would often take care of our cravings by taking an Uber to Ledo.

DoorDash: Your Favorite Local Restaurants, Delivered

Founded in a Stanford dorm room in 2013, DoorDash is another entry in what I call the ‘Uber, but for X’ economy. Having recently entered the DC market, they have already built up an impressive list of restaurants (DMV Pizza Fans: They also deliver Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza and &pizza.) Other restaurants in the DC DoorDash system include Busboys & Poets, Medium Rare and Amsterdam Falafelshop. 7Eleven Slurpees, anyone?

OK, So How Does DoorDash Work?

It’s pretty simple. You download the DoorDash app (currently available for iOS and Android), or you can order through their website. You select your restaurant, place your order, and relax while a Dasher retrieves your order and delivers it. Payment is done through the app or website. If you have the iOS app, you can also pay via Apple Pay.

I Wanna Give DoorDash A Spin!

Use this link and get $5 off your first order! Soon enough, you’ll be able to get Ledo Pizza without lifting a finger.

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