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Hello, Silver Spring

Acorn Park | Silver Spring MD
Breakfast Panini & Hologram Coffee at Kaldi's
Breakfast Panini & Hologram Coffee at Kaldi’s

I know I’ve neglected this blog over the last couple of months. Life got crazy, things happened, and this site became less of a priority.

2015 has brought some major changes. Jennifer started a new job, and as such I’ve been spending a lot more time in Silver Spring. Situated at the Northwest Corner of Washington DC, Silver Spring is often brought up in the same sentence as its largest employer, Discovery Communications, and the eponymous Fleetwood Mac tune. But it’s so much more than that.

Jennifer & I have had a wonderful time meeting people here and exploring all that Silver Spring has to offer. These are a few of my favorite places so far…

Creative Colony: Situated in the World Building on Georgia Avenue, CC is officially described as ‘a coworking space for creative professionals, by creative professionals.’ To me, it’s so much more than that: It’s also a space for like-minded individuals to meet, work together, make connections, and grow a community. I attended CC’s Open House last week and quickly joined as a member. (BTW, they have some pretty sweet Silver Spring swag for sale here.)

Ethio Express | Silver Spring MD
One of many Combination Platters at Ethio Express

Ethio Express: Ethiopian cuisine can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Ethio Express helps overcome the intimidation factor and shortens the wait with a Chipotle-like approach: Select a protein, base, sauce, and off you go. They also have some combination platters on the menu that make the plunge into Ethiopian cuisine even easier.

8407 Kitchen Bar: With a drink menu that seemingly changes weekly, 8407 doesn’t rest on their laurels. It’s a great respite for Metro riders coming home for the day, as well as a watering hole for Silver Spring’s workers looking for a good Happy Hour. Give me an Old Fashioned and some of their delicious Duck Fat Fries, and I’m a happy guy.

The Classics: THE place to go in Silver Spring if you want an expertly cooked steak & sides. The house-cured and smoked bacon is dangerously addictive.

Charm Thai & Kao Thai: On Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road, respectively, these 2 Thai restaurants are neck-and-neck in vying for my stomach (and wallet). Both deliver delicious Thai cuisine combined with fast, friendly service.

Whiskey Sour at 8407 Kitchen Bar
Whiskey Sour at 8407 Kitchen Bar

Sligo Cafe: We attended our first Creative Colony Friday Happy Hour at Sligo, and fell in love with the place. They serve up an interesting take on American comfort food, combined with expertly crafted drinks and friendly service.

Kaldi’s Coffee: They have Counter Culture Coffee’s Hologram consistently on drip, which gets them major points in my book because it’s my favorite coffee. The fact that they bake French pastries on site every day sends this spot over the top. It’s also right around the corner from Creative Colony, so I can get a fix of my favorite coffee on the regular.

Silver Spring, Incorporated: Part marketing agency, part blog about all things Silver Spring, Pete Tan & Co. have helped me get up to speed with the who, what, where and why of Silver Spring.

Silver Springers: What are YOUR favorite places in Silver Spring? Any places that a newly minted ‘Springer MUST check out? Shout ‘em out!

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  • Lindemann

    Here are some recommendations from a longtime Silver Springer: Fenton Cafe for crepes, Mi Rancho for mouthwatering beef fajitas, Scion for potato nachos and an excellent beer selection, Denizens for fresh tasty beer, Fenwick Beer and Wine for what their store name says they’ll provide, Parkway Deli for the Jewish classics and wonderful desserts, Tastee Diner for classic diner food and atmosphere, Velatis Caramels for yummy sweets of all kinds (especially caramels) and Thai Derm for 30+ years of Thai deliciousness in the same spot on Bonifant Street.

    • Thank you so much!

    • Thank you so much! We went to the Parkway Deli on Friday and loved it!

  • Jonathan Bernstein

    Thanks for contributing! Echo all of Lindemann – try Thai Derm, gift Velatis Caramels (we sent some to Spain with our daughter a while back), and if you’re a pickle fan, don’t miss the Parkway Deli Pickle Bar!

    So next, try Adega Wine Cellars just above the skating rink and Veteran’s Plaza. Adega opened as a wine shop with some food, then had the problem that the food was too good. Their sandwiches and platters are tasty, and you can start a bottle from their wine shop and bring home the balance. I have to tell their new staff that Adega served sweet potato fries before it was cool – and now they also have eggplant fries.

    Re coffee shops, I love Kaldi’s – it’s become community’s go to meeting place and even better when expansion plan is complete. But gold in our community, again voted Best of Fenton Village for coffee shops is Kefa Cafe on Bonifant just down from Georgia. Try their french press and peruse the newest Space 710 art installation. Lene and Abeba are opening another outpost in the new Silver Spring Library building. Oh, and on their outside wall facing the alley, check out the amazing Joel Bergner refugee mural. And I’m not done with coffee. Zed’s on Georgia (next to Society Restaurant) is a wonderful living room coffee shop that brings on relaxation mode. And if you’re a vinyl fan – or even if you’re not, try out our newest entrant, BumpNGrind on EW Hway.

    Oh, a special shout out to Society Restaurant – great example of local guy made good coming back and giving back to the community – recently featured on a Fox 5 “will you eat there” episode. Upstairs at Society – even a separate entrance now – is a rooftop bar Olivia’s View with its own charm.

    • Thanks so much! We visited Parkway Deli on Friday and loved it – the Pickle Bar is awesome!

  • Sligo Cafe and Urban Butcher are my favorite spots, welcome to the city! I just moved here 2 months ago 🙂