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  • Skedaddle | On-Demand Charter Busses

    Skedaddle Out Of Town With On-Demand Charter Busses

    Skedaddle Out Of Town Since going car-free after moving to the DC area last year, we primarily use Uber, Lyft and Metro to get around town. When we want to get out of town, our Zipcar membership is handy for getting a car when we need it. But what if[…]

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  • Vigilante Coffee - El Balsamo - El Salvador

    Locally Wired: Vigilante Coffee

    We Drink A Lot of Coffee. Being married to a Physician, I have to make sure there is always coffee available. Between the two of us, there is a lot of coffee being consumed, and absolutely none gets wasted. Even though I didn’t start drinking coffee until my mid-20s (I blame[…]

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  • Drive for Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Postmates

    Make Money When You Want With Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Postmates

    Make Money On Your Schedule with Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Postmates! If you always wanted to be your own boss and make money on your own schedule, Uber, Lyft, Instacart or Postmates just might be what you’re looking for. If you’re tired of the usual 9-to-5, Uber, Lyft, Instacart or Postmates gives you the flexibility and[…]

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  • Invest Your Spare Change With Acorns

    Invest Your Spare Change With Acorns

    Invest Your Spare Change With Acorns? Huh? I’ve always wanted to invest and make my money work for me, but most investment firms require a large amount of money upfront to open account. When I heard about Acorns and its ability to invest my spare change from everyday purchases, I[…]

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  • Save Money and Get Cash Back with Paribus

    Save Money and Get Cash Back with Paribus

    What The Hell is a Paribus? I’ll be honest here: I shop online a lot. Jennifer & I are so busy in our personal and professional lives that we hardly have time to shop in physical, brick-and-mortar stores. As a result, we hardly pay attention to times when prices drop[…]

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    New Chef, New Menu: Washington DC’s MASA 14

    MASA 14’S RYAN RATINO: FLYING UNDER THE RADAR We met fellow Cleveland native Ryan Ratino a few years ago, thanks to Amelia Sawyer, wife of Jonathon Sawyer of The Greenhouse Tavern. I was looking for recommendations of places to eat around Disney World, and Amelia immediately chimed in with Todd English’s bluezoo, where[…]

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  • Ledo Pizza + DoorDash = A Delivery Match Made In Heaven

    Ledo Pizza + DoorDash = A Delivery Match Made In Heaven

    I Love Ledo Pizza, But They Don’t Deliver. One guilty pleasure that I’ve come to love since moving to the DC Metro is Ledo Pizza. Founded in 1955 in Adelphi, Maryland, Ledo has won the hearts and minds of pizza lovers in the DMV with the slogan, ‘Never Cut Corners’. Sure,[…]

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SOFIA VOLO | Baltimore MD Wine Tasting Events

SOFIA VOLO: Baltimore Wine Tasting

SOFIA VOLO is a Baltimore Wine Tasting Event company. Francine Lubera, a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), is on a mission to introduce the joy of pairing wine with food and take the snob out of wine, one private wine tasting party at a time. The site is based on a[…]

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Food & Drink

Picanha Steak | Rural Society DC

Rural Society DC: A Meat Lover’s Nirvana

Shortly after moving to the Washington DC area, I heard about Rural Society DC, the Argentinian steakhouse from Philadelphia Iron Chef Jose Garces. After reading Tom Sietsema’s 2.5 star review, calling it ‘an urban, sleek and smoky ode to steaks and more,’ it quickly rose to the top of my shortlist[…]

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